Winter Weather Prediction

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has offered the 2017/2018 climate predictions. So, will it be super Snowy? Rainy? Cold? Dry? Well, it seems that it depends on where you live.

What will the weather be like this winter?

Many people look to the woolly worm as a predictor of winter weather. According to legend, the width of the brown or rust stripe on the caterpillar’s back in comparison to the rest of the body predicts the upcoming winter weather. Although it has been determined to be an old wives’ tale, it seems that in some cases it can be just as accurate as anything else.

With the NOAA prediction, how will you fare? Did you read the Farmer’s Almanac? Have you seen woolly worms around your yard? What does Grandpa’s knee tell him? The crystal ball can get fuzzy, but just know that there will ALWAYS be SOME snow. And when it comes, SnoMo is here to shovel you out!

Cutting Grass VS. Mowing the Lawn

It means the same thing, right? Yeah, sure. It’s the same activity. You take some mechanical device (with an engine or not) and then shave the top of the grass off. So, what’s the difference?

Do you need a quick mow? Use SnoMo!

None, really. It’s just semantics. People use the terms interchangeably. Seems like it’s just what you’re used to saying. Some say cut the grass. Others say mow the lawn. Others still say cut the lawn or mow the grass.  It’s personal preference, regional diction, or just what comes to mind.

There are a few who believe that mowing the lawn indicates a higher or greater level of lawn care. They think it means that you are using specialized tools and using specific methods that lead to a more manicured outcome. Maybe. Or, it’s just how you talk. Either one. What do you think?

Spring has Sprung – Are you ready to SnoMo?

The mild winter made it feel like a slow introduction to Spring since January. The growing season has begun and grass is getting greener. If you haven’t started up your mower yet, you will be soon. Of course, if you don’t want to mow, SnoMo is only a website visit away!

Ordering SnoMo service is super easy:

1. Go to the SnoMo website and complete a Client Registration (if you are a first time customer).

2. Log in and choose the service you need. Please note that you can go to the county auditor website to get the dimensions of your yard if you don’t know your square footage (for example, a yard that is 100 feet by 75 feet is 7,500 square feet).

3. Pay online through the SnoMo website. You can use your credit or debit card right there.

4. Receive an e-mail confirmation from SnoMo. You can expect to receive an email back from SnoMo within 4hours (unless you order between 10 pm and 8 am). We try to have the property serviced within 48 hours of ordering (weather permitting), but most are done within 24 hours. The e-mail you will receive will state when you can expect your property to be serviced. 5. Sit Back and RELAX!


Here is a tip: Starting your mower in the Spring is what gets some people off to a bad start for the mowing season. Briggs & Stratton has 4 good tips on getting your mower ready for the Spring.
If you choose SnoMo this quarter (April through June 2017), you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 restaurant gift card after you complete the SnoMo service survey. The more times you use SnoMo, the more entries you may have in the drawing! BUT, remember, you must complete the survey that we send you AFTER the service is complete! It’s our way of saying “Thank you for choosing SnoMo“!