to provide basic property management services in a timely manner; to empower young people through an opportunity to earn money the old-fashioned way, while learning basic time management and budgeting skills; and to be a partner and contributor to the community.
     We at SNOMO recognized that young people are in neighborhoods everywhere. They often beg their parents for extra money so they can buy video games, go to the movies, etc. Kids simply don't do what we used to do when we were young - paper routes, mowing grass, etc. We have aging parents that should not be cutting their own grass or shoveling their driveway. We knew there had to be a way to serve both needs.
     SNOMO is a service which provides
a bridge between those who need
basic snow removal and grass cutting
at their residential property (the client) 
and individuals who are industrious
and hard-working, and willing/able to
perform the work (the agents)!

    SNOMO contracts with individuals
(and their parent if they are minors) to
provide the services. The service cost is
dependent on the size of the property,
if the tools must be provided or are
on-site, how quickly the service must
be performed, and any extras desired
by the client. The SNOMO agents are
paid on all the same factors, plus, they can be paid more for longevity as an agent, servicing a certain number of properties in a certain time period, receiving high scores from clients, or being the first agent for SNOMO in a certain area.

     SNOMO clients can enjoy the convenience of scheduling their property servicing online and knowing that a SNOMO agent will be on site to take care of business! SNOMO focuses on recruiting young people (14 to 17) as agents. However, you can be a SNOMO agent at 18 and above, too! We target hiring younger people because we want to work with them to instill a strong work ethic, like our grandparent’s generation had. Often younger people have a tough time finding employment without a car or some other way to get around. SNOMO agents can take jobs that walking distance - right in their neighborhood! If you have a “regular-sized”, easy-to-get-to residential property, then SNOMO is probably right for you! For details on what is “regular-sized” and “easy-to-get-to”, see the CLIENTS area of the website.
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